Is Crocoblock JetEngine compatible with Oxygen builder? - WordPress Tips & Tricks

I'll explain how far Crocoblock's JetEngine is compatible with Oxygen Builder and how they can work together to create WordPress websites.
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If you want to find out how far you can go with the combination of JetEngine and Oxygen, I recommend you to access my course, in which we made a real estate website using Oxygen and JetEngine.

Short answer: Yes, except for the gallery field and the repeater field.

Anyway, I will explain how these two tools work together. Since those two elements can also be created in Gutenberg and then ported to Oxygen via shortcodes.

JetEngine creates all the structures perfectly compatible with the WordPress core. The cutom post types, the taxonomies, the custom fields, the relationships… Everything is stored in the right place in the database. That's why all the structure you create will be compatible with Gutenberg, Oxygen, Divi, Elementor or any Builder.

It is with some specific widgets where we may have a little problem. For example, Oxygen has its own block for dynamic photo galleries and only accepts a field created with ACF.

But it is also true, that any element created in JetEngine, can then be dumped in Oxygen through shortcodes. For example, we can call a field from the options page, or even a JetEngine form. That element is entered into Oxygen as a shortcode, and then we can style it thanks to Oxygen's Style OutPut option. But you could even create any element in Gutenberg as a reusable block, style it with JetStyle Manager (free) and then insert that block with a shortcode.

In short, everything is perfectly compatible at the level of structure, and only some peculiarities (Oxygen's fault) will complicate our life. For example, the gallery or repeatable fields must have been created in Advanced Custom Fields.

Here is a compatibility table.

Is Crocoblock JetEngine compatible with Oxygen builder? - WordPress Tips & Tricks - oxygen crocoblock jet engine